Filmed on location, Flandrien tells the story of the Flanders region of Belgium. Rich in history, full of flavor and adventure, Flanders abounds with captivating visuals. Cycling is central to the lifestyle and culture of the area. From the onset, the question arises: What is a Flandrien? The journey strips away the layers to discover and understanding where, why, and within whom the Flandrien spirit lives. Along the way, the treasures, triumphs, and tragedies of Flanders are revealed. Flandrien shares insights from some of the cycling greats of Belgium and around the world who devoted their lives to a sport so ingrained in the culture it is inextricable. Directed by Paul Willerton and produced by Shane Cooper (Adventures of the Graveled High Rouleur, 2015, The Bottle Runner, 2017).

    Produced with support from DeFeet International, RepreveĀ®, Koers Museum of Cycle Racing, Cycling in Flanders, and the Flandrien Hotel.

Moto Gaansari Interviews Director Paul Willerton

The why and how with behind-the-scenes insight into how the story of Flandrien unfolded throughout filming production, and editing.